• We love sport! We are passionate about it and we want to share our passion.

  • We are a team! We win or we lose together. We share the same goal "satisfy sport users in Russia".

  • We do what we love! We build our career path from day one. We feel free, we dare and we take risks. We can all make mistakes, fail , fail again, fail better.

What we are looking for in our future teammates


It is intense activity , energy, enthusiasm , vigor - it is life itself. 
All are team players are full of vitality , they have a positive and energetic attitude. 


Being accountable means taking decisions and acting for their implementation. Our teammates take the weight of these decisions for their peers and users. At Decathlon, right from the start, you will be autonomous and responsible for your activities. No matter what your role in the company, you take an active part in our development, in the implementation of new products and services while being helped and supported to carry out your mission.


 Sport is our passion, our life. This is what we want to share with the world. 
You don't have to be a professional to love sports. And we are in love with it!

Choosing Decathlon means that you don't need to choose between work or sports