We recruit SPORTIVE people who is passionated by sports and currently practicing at any level. For us sport is LIFE PHILOSOPHY and PASSION, like this we speak same language with our clients and our teammates.

We are united by our VALUES. We are in search of VITAL and RESPONSIBLE, who will help us to build sustainable growth of our company for many years.

World is constantly and fast changing, that is why we search for DIGITAL and TECHNICALLY AWARDED and always OPENED for new to learn, we need this to be able to change our company linked to the market environments.

The ENTREPRENEUR Spirit - is strong power of Decathlon. We can make mistakes and TAKE the RISKS, TAKE DECISIONS and take the full responsibilities for it.

HUMANITY & COOPERATION are our main principles of our daily work in Decathlon.

EMPATHY & MINDFULNESS are as well linked to our activity and cooperation inside the teams. TEAM SPIRIT and TRUST in each other are helping us to reach our common goals.