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Digital sport leader/ Интернет-маркетолог, Москва, Департамент по дистанционным продажам

Дата: 19.07.2021

Местоположение: Moscow, Россия, г Москва, ул Автозаводская, д 23А, кв 2, RU, Россия, г

Компания: Decathlon

Your Role:

I conquer commercially my sport market on Digital field and guarantee a profitable growth

Your playing field and global direction 

DECATHLON Russia has started its transformation to become a network of resellers & the sport platform in Russia that will trough his ecosystem propose sport solutions to the Russian customer.  We have an ambition to realize 40% of our TO with digital in 2023 by becoming the mobile 1st company. Our marketing & communication strategy have to drive us on this target. 


As a Digital sport leader, you are collaborating with CSL, you guarantee the digital development of the sport in line with the sport project, and with RS, and you ensure the availability of the stock for your activities.

You challenge positively CSL to have the good offer at the good price online. You use internal resources to improve visibility of your sport (Marketplace leader, SEO leader, Content manager, Traffic Acquisition leader, CRM manager, Web-designer, Social Media Manager, Business developer for delivery price…) and external (designers, copywriters)

Digital sport Leader responsibility:

● I co-build the sport strategies with my CSL (products & services) to satisfy all Russian customers

● I transform all those strategies in digital actions, in an Omni-channels logic (1+1=3) to conquer the market

● I adapt my online commercial policy to fit with sport commercial policy

● Creating an assortment matrix for online

● Animation of the offer visibility online and web merchandising (filters, menus, categories, boutiques…), CRM for your sport and alignment with Marketplaces


• I prepare the strategy with my CSL (data analyses, concrete proposal)

• I co-build the master plan and Business plan with my CSL

• I co-create an assortment matrix for online including Marketplaces (In and Out)

• I co-build the communication plan with digital communication and other DSL


• I participate to the selection launching and closing (data analyses, concrete proposal)

• I co-build the omni channel commercial plan with my CSL, TOSL, digital communication and RS

• I align the tactical KPI with my CSL (digital TO share by category of products) 


• I participate to the COPIL to understand the situation and align the actions and priorities

• I push the business priorities with my RS

• I highlight the values of the products with my CSL

• I challenge the contents and supports of communication

• I take part in the product trainings (100% trained before the season peak)

• I work with digital communication to increase the performance of my sports (SEO+paid traffic) and find ambassadors.

• I develop with communication the social network communication on base of my products & services

• I check that the product contents fit with what customers are looking for and are easy to find.

Key performances indicator:

>> Growth of TO (%)

>> Growth of share Digital business

>> Traffic on my sport

>> Add to basket rate on decathlon.ru

>> Margin Online

We propose:

Location: Park Legend Office in Moscow

Sport during lunchtime

Opportunities for international carrier path

Discount for Decathlon brands

Сфера деятельности: Merchandising, CRM, Social Media, SEO, Retail, Technology, Marketing